Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

Surprising Benefits Of Turmeric For Skin

Turmeric has been used around the world from hundreds of years. Turmeric a major part of Ayurveda and traditional medicine due to it’s healing properties and cosmetic benefits.
Turmeric has an intense golden hue color and this spice is related to ginger family.

Benefits of turmeric for your skin

When it comes to get glowing and beautiful skin we can consider turmeric as it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

Things to consider before to start using turmeric for your skin
  • Organic turmeric is recommended
  • Can use turmeric in powder form or you can use sticks also
  • Try to use fresh turmeric for best results
  • If you are allergic then first test on your forearm

Now here are top ways to use Turmeric For Skin

Whiten the Skin

Take 1 teaspoon of turmeric and mix with lemon juice and ( Optional Aloe Vera juice or gel). Make a paste and apply to skin, wash your face after 20 minutes.

To heal wounds

It can heal wounds by decreasing inflammation. Apply turmeric paste to affected area.

Turmeric For Acne

Turmeric having anti-bacterial properties that kills bacteria. Mix Turmeric with honey
and apply to face and wash your face after 20 minutes. Try regularly this method to reduce Acne.

Reduction of Skin Pigmentation and Skin Tanning

Turmeric can use to remove skin tanning and pigmentation. Use Turmeric with lemon or cucumber juice paste and apply it on the affected area for 20-30 minutes.
Wash off with plain or lukewarm water. Try regularly for best results.

Treatment of Wrinkles

It’s effective to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. For this use turmeric powder and rice powder with tomato juice. Apply as a mask for 20-30 minutes.

Save your scalp

To remove Dandruff and cure itchy scalp turmeric can use. Mix turmeric with Olive oil or coconut oil and apply to the scalp and massage 5-10 minutes and wash after 15-20 minutes with a shampoo.

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